Lilpyrogirl in the Kitchen

I have been undertaking more and more daring experiments in the kitchen and I’ve learned a lot.  Like – always check in the oven before you preheat it.  I actually learned this second-hand.  A friend of mine preheated several weebles that her son had stowed in the oven for safe-keeping.  They no longer wobble.  They’re permanently bonded to the oven rack now.  This is why if you have children in your house (or even if you don’t) it never hurts to look in the oven before preheating.

I’ve always wanted to be an expert in the kitchen but I did not learn how to cook until I was an adult.  I learned everything I know from the Food Network.  At first it was just something to watch on Saturday mornings or after work before Jeopardy came on.  Soon I had these crazy ideas that everything they do looks so easy, surely I could do it as well.

When I inherited the my grandmother’s library of more than 20 years of Southern Living Annual Cookbooks, I became the person that reads cookbooks.  I LOVE to read cookbooks.  So, I was spending my weekends watching the celebrity chefs on TV reading my cookbooks and imagining myself making culinary history in my own well appointed kitchen when finally one day I actually went INTO the kitchen to try…and let me tell you – I was NOT expecting THAT MANY dirty dishes to show up!

And I’ve grown as a cook and a baker.  I started out struggling to scramble an egg and now I’ve mastered some relatively complicated stuff.  And in the process I’ve made some terrible, terrible food.  And I’ve done so alone in my kitchen without fanfare, criticism, or even company for the most part.  But now I’ve decided that given the ease of access to these blog thingies, I should take you on my continuing journey toward culinary enlightenment.  I will warn you though, sometimes it’s ugly…very ugly…and possibly inedible.  Sometimes though, it’s delicious.


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  1. KP

    Love it! Looks great! Can’t wait to keep coming back for more! So excited for you and the start of your new adventure!

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