I Owe you Grilled Pizza and Banana Pudding

This sh*t’s bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! week has been….trying.  I have had a crisis at work pretty much every day this week so upon arriving home at the end of the day it was all I could do to stay vertical long enough to eat let alone blog.  However, I did take a night off last night (I mean a night off from my usual Thursday night ladies night for half price wine and appy’s) and stayed home so I could wear elastic waisted pants and no bra for a few hours and update my blog. 

The problem is that since I so eloquently cracked my head open in February, I get these awful cluster headaches (which my doc assures me will cease with enough time but in the mean time I have to take daily medication to try to prevent them) and so last night I had one.  I followed the prescribed regiment: an aspirin, a Valium, and a coca-cola.  I’m not kidding, that is ACTUALLY what the neurologist told me to take.  So, I took.  And then I blogged.  Apparently Valium does not make me sleepy but it does make me hella-dull.  Because when I went back to re-read what I wrote, I was so bored I stopped reading about a quarter of the way through and decided to just finish watching Chopped on the Food Network (favorite show right now y’all!) and then go to bed.  I will try to revive my Grilled Pizza post so that it is more entertaining and less like the semi-comatose ramblings of Valium and coca-cola post-haste.  I am sure that you are all on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if my pizza was delish or ended up in a gooey pile of dough and cheese at the bottom of my grill.   

Of note:  I do not belive that my neurologist gets any compensation from coca-cola and I surely don’t get any kick-backs.  I do not know if Pepsi has the same therapeutic value as coca-cola.  I presume that since we are in Atlanta that my neurologist meant “coke” as in any dark-colored carbonated soda drink as Atlanta people often refer to all such beverages as “a coke” even if they are another name brand.   And no, I will not share my Valium.



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4 responses to “I Owe you Grilled Pizza and Banana Pudding

  1. Your neurologist told you that? Awesome!

    Hey, remember that migraine-noise app you recommended to me via Twitter a long time ago? I lost that app when my phone died and never got a chance to try it out. Do you remember what it was called?

  2. The last time I blogged on pain meds, this happened. http://knitinpublic.com/2010/02/17/wow-pain-medication-and-twitter-and-pets/ Since then, I learned my lesson. Feel better, lady! (Is it like the little clusters, that they talk about in 28 Days?)

    • I watched 28 days so long ago that I can’t remember what they talked about. A cluster headache is sort of a sudden-onset headache…at least, mine are.

      And, yes, when I start making my pets twitter accounts so they argue with each other, please come take away my pain meds…for everyone’s sake.

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