Lego Conclusion

I promised Dann that my next blog would be foody again.  But, I owe you (and Lego) the conclusion to my previous two blog posts.

For those of you that posted on my last blog, thank you.  Since my stats showed that about 100 of you viewed it in the first week and only 5 of you commented I have concluded that either (1) a majority of my readers are lurkers or (2) the 5 of you are reading each post approximately 20 times each and may need some suggestions for other reading material since I let so much time elapse between subsequent blog postings.  Either way, thanks for being loyal stalkers an attentive audience.

So, Lego responded to my very annoyed follow-up email in which I demanded an explanation for the removal of my review from their website.  In addition, I did a lot of bitching about my replacement parts order being incomplete.

Lego has apologized for their lack of quality control.  And instead of just apologizing, they did some investigating and confirmed that my initial shipment was missing an ENTIRE BAG of Lego pieces.  They recognized that this is the kind of quality control error that really is unacceptable.  They also profusely apologized for the replacement parts missing pieces and explained that they couldn’t ship them any faster since they come from their factory in Denmark.  In an effort to shut me up make me happy again they mailed me a $20 gift card to use towards my next purchase.  Since I am an engineer and therefore biologically programmed to love Legos, I do appreciate the gesture.  I haven’t received it yet but in the mean time I’m waffling between buying the Pet Shop or the Grand Emporium when it does arrive.  Don’t judge me.   I keep telling myself that I will wait and make my purchase after I return from Europe since I should be saving cash but I have a feeling that $20 gift card will burn a hole in my pocket immediately.  We’ll see how my will power holds up.

They also investigated why my review was removed from their website.  They emailed me to tell me that it was removed because I included a link to my blog post.  Since they can’t control the content contained on websites other than their own, they don’t allow links to outside websites.  While I understand this policy, they could have simply removed the link and left the posting.  However, they did invite me to rewrite my review (without the link) and repost.  They also assured me that their policy does not include removing negative product reviews.  They welcome both positive and negative reviews.

So, am I still frustrated about the entire experience?  Yes.  Am I satisfied with Lego’s apology? Yes.  Will I buy more products from Lego?  Yes.

Per my promise to Dann, my next blog will be food-related.  I just have to figure out what to write about.  Anyone craving anything in particular?



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8 responses to “Lego Conclusion

  1. arguinglulu

    (Mostly) happy resolutions! YAY!!! Unfortunately Legos are like air…even if it disappoints, it will always be in your life. It’s something we accept. I’m happy that you will have pieces, a gift card, and a completed Lego project!

  2. michael

    victory (after fervent bitching) is yours!

  3. I’m craving… anything using Old Bay 🙂 I’ve been craving Old Bay on french fries (dipped in ranch dressing), but that isn’t exactly “cooking” unless you are making the fries yourself.

    I’m also experimenting with brownies to take to summer gatherings. Last night I made S’mores brownies and today I will be baking Nutella brownies.

    Happy baking and building!

    • You know, I’ve never found a brownie recipe that I liked better than the boxed brownies. How sad is that? They always come out very cake like and if I wanted cake, I’d just make…well…cake. Maybe this is something worth further investigation. Does a recipe exist out there for really gooey and fudgy brownies?

  4. Very weird that they don’t include posts that have links in them. I am going to call bullshit on that.

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