I’m not sure what it is that all of you want to know about me but here are some random facts:

My real name is April.  I’m in my 30’s, I’m single married, I have 2 cats.  I looked like this a few years ago:

My husband and I have actually known each other since I was 6 years old but it took us 30 more years to manage to end up together. Let’s just say we took the very scenic route to get here but it was worth it. Once we finally decided we needed to be together, it went very fast (um, like just a few months from dating to married).

We have a roommate named Joanne.  Joanne lived with me for years before we married and we agreed to keep her after the wedding because we make a very comfortable and odd little family. Plus, we’re totally excited at the prospect of free babysitting on occasion. Don’t worry, we’ll pay her in food because she’s getting more comfortable in the kitchen but would still prefer to eat what we cook most of the time.

I am an engineer with an MBA working as a consultant so I work 9 jillion hours a week (or so it seems).  I actually keep my hours pretty close to 40 a week by being a chronic over-sleeper. The name “LilPyroGirl” is a play on my profession. I’m a fire protection engineer and anyone that spends that long studying fire (even in the name of prevention) has to have a little bit of a fascination with it. I am no exception.

You can find me on Twitter.

I was once the sexiest peacock evar.

My favorite halloween costume ever.

You can email me at lilpyrogirlInTheKitchen@gmail.com if there’s anything else you need to know that I haven’t covered here. I will start checking that email account again as soon as I remember the password. In the mean time, just leave a comment.


4 responses to “About

  1. Don of Don & Donna fame

    So why are you a little pyromaniac girl?

    • Good question, I see that I failed to address that. It’s a play on my profession. I am a fire protection engineer. I’m not really a pyromaniac. I mean, if you remember, I couldn’t even get my gas grill lit that one time…so I’d be just as inept of a pyromaniac as I am a homeowner.

  2. I just wanted say thank you for your website. It literally got me through this whole colonoscopy thing. I 2 am not old enough to have to be going through all of this but things happen and so it was so great to have your input and advise. I absolutely love your tips on setting up bathroom.. I’m not joking your great.

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